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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our team

How long has Shield Moving been in business?

Shield Moving has been operating since July of 2020. 

Where is Shield Moving Located?

Shield Moving is located at 618 s 69th st, Milwaukee, Wi 53214.

How far can Shield Moving travel to provide service?

We will travel as far as 75 miles (within Wisconsin) from our office address for pick-up locations or labor only jobs. We will travel anywhere within the state of Wisconsin or nearby states to drop-off your belongings. 

Is Shield Moving Insured?

Yes, we are insured. However, items are covered directly by our moving valuation, which starts at the state minimal (this option is free) or you can upgrade to a higher valuation (this costs extra). The cost to upgrade is based directly on the estimated value of your items collectively.

How many movers can I hire at once?

Typically, we will send 2-3 movers. You can hire no less that 2 movers but no more than 6 movers (2 trucks max) for labor only or full service moving.

Are the movers allowed to accept tips?

Absolutely. Our movers love receiving a tip for their service, it is a great way to show your gratitude for their hard work.

Common booking questions

Do customers have to make a down payment when booking their move?

Yes. We require a deposit for 1 hour of service (this is taken off of the final total). We will send you a moving confirmation that outlines the terms & conditions for the service that we are providing you. This will require a signature, which will bind you to our services for the specified date/time slot.

Is there a minimum charge for our services?

Yes. For full service moves there is a 1-hour minimum while labor only moves have a 2-hour minimum. All jobs are measured in 15-minute increments once the charge minimum is exceeded.

How do I book my move?

Fill out our online quote form or call our customer service line at (414) 973-9449 and we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate. From there, if you would like to reserve a spot on our calendar, all you have to do is accept the estimate (you can do this in your email or on the phone). Once this is done we will send you a confirmation document with our terms and conditions via email. From there we will be all set to go when your moving date comes!

Is there a fee for rescheduling if I need to change the date or time?

If this is done within less than 1 week of the initial scheduled date a fee of $50 will be implemented to your moving bill. It is important that we make the most use of our time slots. Making a short notice reschedule takes opportunity away from our team and other potential clients. 

Does the pricing for service stay the same as time goes by?

As time goes by our service rates will fluctuate to match the standards of the moving economy. Once you have been given your cost estimate the rate you are given will remain the same until you are ready to book. So make sure to get your pricing as soon as possible! 

How should the customer prepare for their move?

To prepare for your move, try to have the place as clean and organized as possible. Start by taping and labeling your boxes so that we can keep them sorted. Stack your boxes/totes about 3 to 4 feet high, matching large with large, medium with medium, or small with small while heavier ones go on bottom and lighter ones go on top (saves space and we can dolly them right away). If possible, wrap and tape any wall pictures or art with moving paper prior to the move (for extra-large frames we may use moving blankets to wrap them). Keep walkways and doorways clear so that your movers can navigate smoothly throughout the home/building. It may be helpful to empty the contents of your dresser drawers if the dresser itself is more than 150 pounds. 

Can you help me decide what supplies and how many I will need to pack my inventory and fragile items into boxes safely?

Yes. We will even deliver them to you! If you would like us to make recommendations about the materials you will need, please schedule an on-site estimate or request this in the notes section of our online quote/booking form.

What payment methods does Shield Moving accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: Credit/debit card, Cash App, Venmo, & check.

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